Fang's List

"The List", Original and Unabridged Version

"The List" originally referred to a physical pencil-and-paper list of recommendations from a friend, titled as below. And by recommendations, I mean works of media he (and a few added by others) told me to "read/watch it damn it!"

 Here is a complete and (mostly) unaltered transcript of that list.

List of things people have told me to do which, in all likelihood, I will never get to.

  1. Deathnote
  2. Axis Powers Hetalia
  3. Team Fourstar (abr- DBZ)
  4. Cowboy Bebop
  5. Berserk (x2)
  6. HunterXHunter
  7. Monster (x2)
  8. Gantz
  9. Pluto
  10. 20th Century Boys
  11. Antfish (abr- Jojo's Bizarre Adventures)
  12. Tosh.0
  13. HBI2K (abr x3- Berserk, Gantz, Vision of Es~?)
  14. Unwardil (x2, abr)
  15. Lanipator (abr- Yu Yu Hakashow)
  16. Glee
  17. Pendragon
  18. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  19. Full Metal Alchemist (x2)
  20. Californication
  21. Tehexorcist (abr- D. Greyman)
  22. SibusenProductions (abr- Souleater)
  23. Helsing (x2, abr)
  24. 2katas (abr- Campford)
  25. Last Exile (abr)
  26. Glass Fleet (abr)
  27. Akira
  28. Los Angelos BB Murder Cases
  29. Discworld
  30. Bakumon
  31. Paranoia Agent
  32. Serial Experiments Lain
  33. Firefly (+other Joss Whedon)
  34. Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog
  35. Azumanga Daioh
  36. Dollhouse
  37. Durarara!
  38. Baccano!
  39. The World God Only Knows
  40. BBC's Sherlock
  41. Boondocks

Created by LordDragonfang